The Expert CARETM program

Seed Expert CARE

SEED CSM is the only Community Schemes management company that uses the Expert CARETM program, ensuring that we delivering on the 4 main needs of community schemes for maximum performance.

1. Cashflow

Money (income and expenses)


Zero defaults
Zero special levies
Positive cash flow
Financially healthy community scheme

Achieved through:

Vigorous debt collection
Well managed budget
Ensuring levies are covering expenses
Ensuring SLA’s are good value for money

2. Asset

Property condition is kept up to standard and maintained well


Long term capital appreciation of the property asset
Zero financial losses for owners due to damages

Achieved through:

Detailed and strict inspections
Rapid and competent response to maintenance enquiries
Proactive maintenance (maintenance plan)
Healthy maintenance reserve fund

3. Reconcile

Accurate on time administration


All administration and operations hassles efficiently handled

Achieved through:

Owner statements & online portal
Utility recoveries and management
CSOS levies up to date and queries handled
Accurate record keeping

4. Exclusive

Peace of Mind

Aims :

Make being a trustee easy and pleasant for our property owners

Achieved through:

Personal attention
Proactive communication
Pre-set report back meetings
Engaged team members